Water & Sewer Utilities

  • Todd Peterson, Director
  • Dave Trim, Crew
  • Sam Helmers, Crew
  • Suzanne M. Johnson, Customer Service/Billing & Collections
  • Sheryl Arms, Customer Service/Billing & Collections
Galesville Water Utility
City of Galesville, Water Treatment Plant, Well #5
City of Galesville, Water Treatment Plant, Well #5
The City of Galesville is committed to ensuring the quality of your water.  Our goal is to provide an adequate water supply that meets drinking water quality standards and meets fire protection and industry standards.

There are two ground source wells from which the Utility gets it's water.  Both wells are approximately 450 feet deep and constructed in Cambrian Sandstone, which includes the Eau Claire and Mt. Simon Sandstone formations.  The Eau Claire formation is characterized by fine-grained, poorly sorted sandstone and inter-bedded shale.  The Mt. Simon Sandstone is considered the primary water-supply aquifer in this setting.  The Mt. Simon Sandstone in Galesville is 300 feet.  Well #5 was built in 1997 and Well #4 was built in 1967 with renovations completed in 2001.
  • The Water Utility is self-supporting from user fee revenue.  The Wisconsin Public Service Commission sets the water rates.
  • We currently serve 678 customers.
  • There are 128 hydrants located through out the City.
  • There are two reservoirs, the first one was built in 1910.  It is an in-ground reservoir constructed of concrete and holds 150,000 gallons.  The second reservoir was built in 1973, of steel, and holds 500,000 gallons.
  • The wells pump approximately 175,000 gallons per day.

Additional Information:
Galesville Sewer Utility
Galesville Sewer Utility, Wastewater Treatment Plant
Galesville Sewer Utility, Wastewater Treatment Plant
Our goal is to provide wastewater treatment facilities and a sanitary sewer collection system adequate to serve the existing and future industrial, commercial and residential needs of the City.

The Sewer Utility is self-supporting from user fee revenue.  The Common Council reviews and sets the sewer rates annually in October.

The design capacity of the wastewater treatment plant is 0.334 gallons per day, and the average daily usage in 2008 was 0.134 MGD per day.  The treatment facility consists of a system of aerated lagoons located south of town outside the city limits.  It was built in 1992.

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Water & Sewer Utility Rates
The following rates will be effective with the 1st Quarter Billing, 2016.

Volume Charges:

  • $4.77 per 1,000 gallons     ~First 30,000 gallons used per quarter
  • $4.03 per 1,000 gallons     ~Next 270,000 gallons used per quarter
  • $3.41 per 1,000 gallons     ~Over 300,000 gallons used per quarter
  • $6.81 per 1,000 gallons
REC (Residential Equivalency Charge, Sewer Utility Debt Payment):
  • $24.90 per unit, per quarter

Plus Quarterly Service Charges:

Meter Size:MeterFire ProtectionPrivate Fire Protection
5/8, 3/4 Inch$19.47$34.300.00
1 Inch$23.79$86.520.00
1-1/4, 1-1/2 Inch$32.14$163.770.00
2 Inch$44.19$275.01$30.09
3 Inch$74.16$516.03$61.80
4 Inch$108.15$859.02$101.97
6 Inch$145.23$1,718.04$203.94
8 Inch$197.76$2,750.10$324.45
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